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Published: 7.06.2023 | Author: Artur Kąciak

PGE Ekstraliga: ZOOLeszcz GKM Grudziądz – Platinum Motor Lublin 56:34

ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz won on Sunday at home 56:34 against Platinum Motor Lublin. Bartosz Zmarzlik scored fourteen points in this competition in six starts.

The third run had to be restarted. In the first attempt at the start, Fredrik Jakobsen made a false start and rode into the start tape. The speedway rider of the hosts was excluded from the replay and replaced by Kacper Pludra, a youth rider. The race was won by Bartek, though Nicki Pedersen took the lead for a moment. The leader of the guests, however, quickly regained the lead and earned three points. On the last bend, Kacper Pludra won the duel with Jack Holder and scored one point.

In the fifth race, Bartosz Zmarzlik rode as a tactical reserve for Kacper Grzelak. On the straight, the leader of Motor fought an interesting battle for victory with Vadim Tarasenko. Ultimately, Zmarzlik turned out to be better. Lindgren won the fight for one point with Jakobsen.

In the seventh run Fricke fell on the track. The referee excluded Bartek from the replay of the race believing it was Bartosz Zmarzlik, who caused the fall. In the replay, Fricke won ahead of Thornyak and Chugunov.

The tenth run was Zmarzlik’s clear victory. After a good start, he won for the third time in this competition. Jakobsen crossed the finishing line second, followed by Tarasenko, who scored one point for the hosts. Cierniak finished this race last and without a score.

Race thirteen was quite thrilling. Bartek was attacking Pedersen for four laps. The Dane, however, rode very smart and won. One point for GKM was earned by Chugunov, and the last at the finish was Lindgren, who performed poorly in this fight.

The last race of the competition also had to be restarted. The first bend was quite tight and Pedersen fell on the track. No rider was excluded from the replay. Zmarzlik won confidently ahead of Pedersen. Fricke defeated Holder on the straight and earned a bonus point for the hosts.


ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz: 56
9. Max Fricke (3,3,3,2*,1*) 12+2
10. Gleb Czugunow (3,1,2*,1,3) 10+1
11. Wadim Tarasienko (1,2,1*,2,2*) 8+2
12. Frederik Jakobsen (t,0,2,3) 5
13. Nicki Pedersen (2,3,3,3,2) 13
14. Kacper Łobodziński (1*,2*,0) 3+2
15. Kacper Pludra (2,1*,2*,0) 5+2
16. Wiktor Rafalski NS

Platinum Motor Lublin: 34
1. Jarosław Hampel (2,0,1,0,0) 3
2. Jack Holder (0,1,0,3,0) 4
3. Fredrik Lindgren (d,1,1*,1,0) 3+1
4. Kacper Grzelak (1) 1
5. Bartosz Zmarzlik (3,3,w,3,2,3) 14
6. Bartosz Bańbor (0,w) 0
7. Mateusz Cierniak (3,2,2,0,1,1) 9

Heat after heat:

1. Fricke, Hampel, Tarasienko, Lindgren (d) (4:2)
2. Cierniak, Pludra, Łobodziński, Bańbor 3:3 (7:5)
3. Zmarzlik, Pedersen, Pludra, Holder, Jakobsen (t) 3:3 (10:8)
4. Czugunow, Łobodziński, Grzelak, Bańbor (w) 5:1 (15:9)
5. Zmarzlik, Tarasienko, Lindgren, Jakobsen 2:4 (17:13)
6. Pedersen, Pludra, Holder, Hampel 5:1 (22:14)
7. Fricke, Cierniak, Czugunow, Zmarzlik (w) 4:2 (26:16)
8. Pedersen, Cierniak, Lindgren, Łobodziński 3:3 (29:19)
9. Fricke, Czugunow, Hampel, Holder 5:1 (34:20)
10. Zmarzlik, Jakobsen, Tarasienko, Cierniak 3:3 (37:23)
11. Jakobsen, Fricke, Lindgren, Hampel 5:1 (42:24)
12. Holder, Tarasienko, Cierniak, Pludra 2:4 (44:28)
13. Pedersen, Zmarzlik, Czugunow, Lindgren 4:2 (48:30)
14. Czugunow, Tarasienko, Cierniak, Hampel 5:1 (53:31)
15. Zmarzlik, Pedersen, Fricke, Holder 3:3 (56:34)

Foto: Tomasz Przybylski

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