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Published: 30.05.2023 | Author: Artur Kąciak

PGE Ekstraliga: Platinum Motor Lublin – Fogo Unia Leszno 65:25

There were no surprises on Sunday in Lublin. The local Platinum Motor defeated Fogo Unia Leszno 65:25. Bartosz Zmarzlik won fourteen points and a bonus in this event.

The third race was particularly interesting. Janusz Kołodziej had the best start. The leader of the Union was overtaken by Frederik Lindgren on the straight, and Bartosz Zmarzlik did the same on the last bend. Lidsey was the last on the finish line.

The sixth run was another success of the hosts. The duo: Zmarzlik, Cierniak won a double victory over the pair of guests: Smektała, Kołodziej without any major problems.

In the eighth race, Bartek made a great start from the pole position and won his second individual victory in this match. Zengot got two points for the guests, Grzelak came in third, followed by Parnicki.

Race thirteen was decided already at the start. The host pair: Zmarzlik, Kubera easily defeated the guest duo: Lidsey, Parnicki.

The fifteenth run was very interesting. Zengota made the best start, but first Bartek, and then Kubera overtook him. Kołodziej reached the finish line last.


Fogo Unia Leszno: 25
1. Bartosz Smektała (0,1,2,0) 3
2 Janusz Kołodziej (1,0,1*,3,0) 5+1
3. Nazar Parnicki (1,0,0,0) 1
4. Grzegorz Zengota (1*,1,2,3,0,1) 8+1
5. Jaimon Lidsey (0,2,1,1,0) 4
6. Damian Ratajczak (0,2,0) 2
7. Antoni Mencel (1,0,d) 1

Platinum Motor Lublin: 65
9. Jarosław Hampel (3,1,0,1*) 5+1
10. Dominik Kubera (3,3,3,2*,2*) 13+2
11. Jack Holder (2*,2*,3,2,2*) 11+3
12. Fredrik Lindgren (3,3,2*,2,3) 13+1
13. Bartosz Zmarzlik (2*,3,3,3,3) 14+1
14. Kacper Grzelak (2*,0,1) 3+1
15. Mateusz Cierniak (3,2*,1) 6+1

Heat after heat:

1. Hampel, Holder, Parnicki, Smektała (5:1)
2. Cierniak, Grzelak, Mencel, Ratajczak 5:1 (10:2)
3. Lindgren, Zmarzlik, Kołodziej, Lidsey 5:1 (15:3)
4. Kubera, Ratajczak, Zengota, Grzelak 3:3 (18:6)
5. Lindgren, Holder, Zengota, Parnicki 5:1 (23:7)
6. Zmarzlik, Cierniak, Smektała, Kołodziej 5:1 (28:8)
7. Kubera, Lidsey, Hampel, Mencel 4:2 (32:10)
8. Zmarzlik, Zengota, Grzelak, Parnicki 4:2 (36:12)
9. Kubera, Smektała, Kołodziej, Hampel 3:3 (39:15)
10. Holder, Lindgren, Lidsey, Ratajczak 5:1 (44:16)
11. Zengota, Lindgren, Hampel, Smektała 3:3 (47:19)
12. Kołodziej, Holder, Cierniak, Mencel (d) 3:3 (50:22)
13. Zmarzlik, Kubera, Lidsey, Parnicki 5:1 (55:23)
14. Lindgren, Holder, Zengota, Lidsey 5:1 (60:24)
15. Zmarzlik, Kubera, Zengota, Kołodziej 5:1 (65:25)

Foto: Tomasz Przybylski

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