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Published: 30.05.2023 | Author: Artur Kąciak

Bauhaus-Ligan: Piraterna Motala – Lejonen Gislaved 55:35

On Tuesday, on its home track, Piraterna Motala defeated the Lejonen Gislaved team 55:35 during the Swedish Bauhaus-Ligan. Bartosz Zmarzlik scored fourteen points in this duel for the visiting team.

The beginning of the event did not go well for Bartosz Zmarzlik. In the third race, the pair of hosts: Piotr Pawlicki, Przemysław Pawlicki defeated the duo of guests: Zmarzlik, Gusts twice. After three runs, the hosts were leading 13:5.

In race seven, the coach of Lejonen Gislaved took advantage of the tactical reserve. Ljung replaced Gusts’. The fight ended with Bartek winning, Milik won two points for the local team. One point for the “Lions” was scored by Ljung, and Przedpełski did not finish the race due to a fall.

In the ninth run Bartosz Zmarzlik went as a tactical reserve for the poorly performing Berntzon. This change proved only partially effective. Bartek won, but his club mate scored only one point. The total score so far was 34:20 for the host team.

In the eleventh race the points were split. The winner was Przemysław Pawlicki ahead of Bartosz Zmarzlik, Jakub Miśkowiak and Oskar Fajfer.

In the thirteenth race, Bartek won the third individual victory in this match. Milik scored two points, Fajfer one and Ljung arrived last.

The last run of this event was won by Przemysław Pawlicki. Bartosz Zmarzlik crossed the finish line in second position. One point for the hosts was scored by Piotr Pawlicki, Jakub Miśkowiak was the last.


Piraterna Motala: 55
9. Vaclav Milik (3,2,2,2,3) 12
10. Paweł Przedpełski (2*,3,u,0) 5+1
11. Piotr Pawlicki (3,2*,3,3,1) 12+1
12. Przemysław Pawlicki (2*,3,2*,3,3) 13+2
13. Oskar Fajfer (3,2,0,1*,2*) 8+2
14. Ludvig Selvin (0,1,0) 1
15. Jonathan Ejnermark (3,0,1*) 4+1

Lejonen Gislaved: 35
1. Oliver Berntzon (1,0,1*,0) 2+1
2. Jakub Miśkowiak (0,1,1,1*,0) 3+1
3. Bartosz Zmarzlik (1,3,3,2,3,2) 14
4. Francis Gusts (0,1*,2,1) 4+1
5. Peter Ljung (2,1,1,3,0) 7
6. Casper Henriksson (1*,2,0) 3+1
7. Daniel Henderson (2,t,0) 2

Heat after heat:

1. Milik, Przedpełski, Berntzon, Miśkowiak (5:1)
2. Ejnermark, Henderson, Henriksson, Selvin 3:3 (8:4)
3. Pi.Pawlicki, Prz.Pawlicki, Zmarzlik, Gusts 5:1 (13:5)
4. Fajfer, Ljung, Selvin, Henderson (t) 4:2 (17:7)
5. Przedpełski, Henriksson, Gusts, Ejnermark 3:3 (20:10)
6. Prz.Pawlicki, Pi.Pawlicki, Miśkowiak, Berntzon 5:1 (25:11)
7. Zmarzlik, Milik, Ljung, Przedpełski (u) 2:4 (27:15)
8. Pi.Pawlicki, Prz.Pawlicki, Ljung, Henderson 5:1 (32:16)
9. Zmarzlik, Fajfer, Miśkowiak, Selvin 2:4 (34:20)
10. Ljung, Milik, Ejnermark, Henriksson 3:3 (37:23)
11. Prz.Pawlicki, Zmarzlik, Miśkowiak, Fajfer 3:3 (40:26)
12. Pi.Pawlicki, Gusts, Berntzon, Przedpełski 3:3 (43:29)
13. Zmarzlik, Milik, Fajfer, Ljung 3:3 (46:32)
14. Milik, Fajfer, Gusts, Berntzon 5:1 (51:33)
15. Prz.Pawlicki, Zmarzlik, Pi.Pawlicki, Miśkowiak 4:2 (55:35)

Foto: Lejonen Gislaved

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