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Published: 20.06.2023 | Author: Artur Kąciak

Bauhaus-Ligan: Lejonen Gislaved – Indianerna Kumla 54:36

The Lejonen Gislaved team defeated Indianerna Kumla on Wednesday at home, 54:36, in an overdue meeting of the Swedish Bauhaus-Ligan. Bartosz Zmarzlik scored fourteen points and a bonus in this competition.

His first chance to earn some points Bartek got in the third race. The leader of the hosts scored three in that run, defeating Max Fricke, who was second. Jan Kvech was third and scored one point for the local team. Krzysztof Buczkowski arrived last.

In the sixth race, the Lejonen Gislaved duo: Zmarzlik and Kvech won a double victory over a pair of guests: Tungate and Woźniak. After six races, Bartek’s team was leading 24:12.

The eighth run ended with another triumph for Bartek. The second to cross the finishing line was Doyle. Kvech scored one point for the hosts, while Jonatan Grahn came last.

In the eleventh heat, Jason Doyle rode instead of the poorly performing Krzysztof Buczkowski in the team of the guests as part of the tactical reserve. The Australian quite unexpectedly reached the finishing line last. The race ended with the triumph of Bartosz Zmarzlik ahead of Rohan Tungat and Oliver Berntzon.

Race fourteen was a tour de force of the Lejonen Gislaved pair: Hampel, Zmarzlik, who won 5:1 against the guest duo: Doyle, Buczkowski.


Lejonen Gislaved: 54
9. Jarosław Hampel (0,1*,3,1*,3) 8+2
10. Mateusz Cierniak (3,2,2,2,2) 11
11. Jan Kvech (1,2*,1,0) 4+1
12. Bartosz Zmarzlik (3,3,3,3,2*) 14+1
13. Oliver Berntzon (2*,2,1,2,1) 8+1
13. Casper Henriksson (3,3,1*) 7+1
14. Peter Ljung (1,1*,0) 2+1

Indianerna Kumla: 36
1. Szymon Woźniak (2,0,1) 3
2. Rohan Tungate (1*,1,0,2,0) 4+1
3. Krzysztof Buczkowski (0,0,0,0) 0
4. Max Fricke (2,3,3,3,3,3) 17
5. Jason Doyle (1,2,2,0,3,1) 9
6. Gustav Grahn (0,0,1*) 1+1
7. Jonatan Grahn (2,0,0) 2

Heat after heat:

1. Cierniak, Woźniak, Tungate, Hampel (3:3)
2. Henriksson, J.Grahn, Ljung, G.Grahn 4:2 (7:5)
3. Zmarzlik, Fricke, Kvech, Buczkowski 4:2 (11:7)
4. Henriksson, Berntzon, Doyle, J.Grahn 5:1 (16:8)
5. Fricke, Cierniak, Ljung, G.Grahn 3:3 (19:11)
6. Zmarzlik, Kvech, Tungate, Woźniak 5:1 (24:12)
7. Fricke, Cierniak, Hampel, Buczkowski 3:3 (27:15)
8. Zmarzlik, Doyle, Kvech, J.Grahn 4:2 (31:17)
9. Fricke, Berntzon, Henriksson, Tungate 3:3 (34:20)
10. Hampel, Doyle, G.Grahn, Ljung 3:3 (37:23)
11. Zmarzlik, Tungate, Berntzon, Doyle 4:2 (41:25)
12. Fricke, Cierniak, Woźniak, Kvech 2:4 (43:29)
13. Doyle, Berntzon, Hampel, Buczkowski 3:3 (46:32)
14. Hampel, Zmarzlik, Doyle, Buczkowski 5:1 (51:33)
15. Fricke, Cierniak, Berntzon, Thungate 3:3 (54:36)

Foto: Lejonen Gislaved

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