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Published: 21.09.2023 | Author: Artur Kąciak

Bauhaus-Ligan: Indianerna Kumla – Lejonen Gislaved 43:47

The first quarter-final races in the Swedish Bauhaus-Ligan are already history. Indianerna Kumla lost on its track 43:47 to Lejonen Gislaved. Bartosz Zmarzlik scored twelve points in five starts in this meeting.

In the third run, Max Fricke had the best start. Bartosz Zmarzlik, the leader of the guests, set off in pursuit of the hosts’ rider. The Australian ultimately turned out to be better than the Pole. Fircke beat Bartek by just a few centimeters. Berntzon came in third, followed by Tungate.

In the fifth race Bartek started from the second position. After a perfect start, Zmarzlik won with a huge advantage over the other riders. Woźniak scored two points in this fight and Grahn one. Henderson was fourth.

In the seventh run Bartek won his second individual victory in this competition. On the first lap, Jason Doyle tried to keep up with him, but the leader of Lejonen Gislaved later pulled away hard and triumphed confidently. One point was scored by Woźniak, and Berntzon was last on the finishing line.

In the twelfth run, Zmarzlik was last to start. On the route he passed only Szymon Woźniak and reached the finishing line in third position. The race was won by Hampel, and the second was Max Fricke. The last race of this event ended with the triumph of Bartosz Zmarzlik. The leader of the visitors didn’t get off to a good start, but he made his way to second place rather quickly and started chasing Jason Doyle. He overtook him on the straight after a beautiful fight. At the distance, Kubera also beat Woźniak and scored one point.


Indianerna Kumla: 43
9. Jason Doyle (2*,2,3,3,2) 12+1
10. Szymon Woźniak (3,2,1*,0,0) 6+1
11. Max Fricke (3,0,3,2,2) 10
12. Rohan Tungate (0,1,2*,1) 4+1
13. Krzysztof Buczkowski (3,3,0,0,1*) 7+1
14. Johannes Stark (2,0,0) 2
15. Jonatan Grahn (0,1*,1) 2+1

Lejonen Gislaved: 47
1. Jarosław Hampel (0,3,2,3,3) 11
2. Dominik Kubera (1,2*,1*,3,1) 8+2
3. Oliver Bernzton (1*,0,2*,1*) 4+3
4. Bartosz Zmarzlik (2,3,3,1,3) 12
5. Mateusz Cierniak (2,0,2,2,0) 6
6. Daniel Henderson (1,0,0) 1
7. Casper Henriksson (3,1*,1) 5+1

Heat after heat:

1. Woźniak, Doyle, Kubera, Hampel (5:1)
2. Henriksson, Stark, Henderson, Grahn 2:4 (7:5)
3. Fricke, Zmarzlik, Berntzon, Tungate 3:3 (10:8)
4. Buczkowski, Cierniak, Henriksson, Stark 3:3 (13:11)
5. Zmarzlik, Woźniak, Grahn, Henderson 3:3 (16:14)
6. Hampel, Kubera, Tungate, Fricke 1:5 (17:19)
7. Zmarzlik, Doyle, Woźniak, Berntzon 3:3 (20:22)
8. Fricke, Tungate, Henriksson, Cierniak 5:1 (25:23)
9. Buczkowski, Hampel, Kubera, Stark 3:3 (28:26)
10. Doyle, Cierniak, Grahn, Henderson (u) 4:2 (32:28)
11. Kubera, Berntzon, Tungate, Buczkowski 1:5 (33:33)
12. Hampel, Fricke, Zmarzlik, Woźniak 2:4 (35:37)
13. Doyle, Cierniak, Berntzon, Buczkowski 3:3 (38:40)
14. Hampel, Fricke, Buczkowski, Cierniak 3:3 (41:43)
15. Zmarzlik, Doyle, Kubera, Woźniak 2:4 (43:47)

Foto: Douglas Svalin

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