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Published: 15.06.2023 | Author: Artur Kąciak

1st place in Teterow in FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Germany

Bartosz Zmarzlik triumphed also in Teterow, in the fourth tournament of this year’s Speedway Grand Prix series.

The first two points in this competition Bartek scored in the third race. The Pole was lagging behind at the start, but over the distance he made his way to the second place and reached the finishing line behind Jason Doyle. Lindgren beat Nilsson on the straight and got one point.

In the fifth race, Bartosz Zmarzlik started from the fourth position. He started quite well and won another two points in the competition. The triumphant rider this time was Holder. Madsen got one point and Bewley arrived last.

The eleventh run was repeated due to Martin Vaculik’s fall on the track in the first attempt. The Slovak was excluded from the replay by the referee. In the replay, Bartek fought bitterly for three points with Michelsen. Zmarzlik turned out to be better. Thomsen finished third.

Race sixteen was an easy victory for Bartosz Zmarzlik, who won his second individual victory in this tournament, leading from the start. Two points went to Robert Lambert and one to Max Fricke. Maciej Janowski finished the race last.

In the eighteenth run, Bartek had a great start again and won. Dudek defeated Huckenbeck in the fight for the third place. Woffinden finished second.

In the first semi-final, Jason Doyle made a false start, but he was not banned from starting in the replay, in which he was slower than Bartosz Zmarzlik. Both riders advanced to the finals. Thomsen was third and Lambert fourth. In the final race Zmarzlik decided to start from the first position. Bartek had a great start and won the second SGP tournament this year. Jason Doyle was second on the podium and Jack Holder was third.


1. Bartosz Zmarzlik (2,2,3,3,3,3,3) 19
2. Jason Doyle (3,1,1,1,3,2,2) 13
3. Jack Holder (1,3,2,2,2,3,1) 14
4. Kim Nilsson (0,2,2,3,0,2,0) 9
5. Leon Madsen (3,1,0,3,2,1) 10
6. Anders Thomsen (2,3,1,0,3,1) 10
7. Robert Lambert (2,2,3,2,1,0) 10
8. Daniel Bewley (3,0,2,3,3,w) 11
9. Tai Woffinden (0,0,3,2,2) 7
10. Martin Vaculik (2,3,w,0,2) 7
11. Patryk Dudek (0,3,1,2,1) 7
12. Fredrik Lindgren (1,0,3,1,0) 5
13. Maciej Janowski (3,1,0,0,1) 5
14. Max Fricke (0,2,0,1,1) 4
15. Mikkel Michelsen (1,1,2,0,0) 4
16. Kai Huckenbeck (1,0,1,1,0) 3

Heat after heat:

1. Madsen, Thomsen, Huckenbeck, Fricke 
2. Bewley, Lambert, Michelsen, Woffinden 
3. Doyle, Zmarzlik, Lindgren, Nilsson 
4. Janowski, Vaculik, Holder, Dudek
5. Holder, Zmarzlik, Madsen, Bewley 
6. Vaculik, Lambert, Doyle, Huckenbeck 
7. Thomsen, Nilsson, Janowski, Woffinden 
8. Dudek, Fricke, Michelsen, Lindgren
9. Lambert, Nilsson, Dudek, Madsen 
10. Lindgren, Bewley, Huckenbeck, Janowski 
11. Zmarzlik, Michelsen, Thomsen, Vaculik (w)
12. Woffinden, Holder, Doyle, Fricke 
13. Madsen, Woffinden, Lindgren, Vaculik 
14. Nilsson, Holder, Huckenbeck, Michelsen 
15. Bewley, Dudek, Doyle, Thomsen 
16. Zmarzlik, Lambert, Fricke, Janowski
17. Doyle, Madsen, Janowski, Michelsen 
18. Zmarzlik, Woffinden, Dudek, Huckenbeck 
19. Thomsen, Holder, Lambert, Lindgren 
20. Bewley, Vaculik, Fricke, Nilsson
21. Zmarzlik, Doyle, Thomsen, Lambert
22. Holder, Nilsson, Madsen, Bewley (w)
23. Zmarzlik, Doyle, Holder, Nilsson 

Foto: Tomasz Przybylski

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